-Yonaguni pony farm in Yonaguni Island, Okinawa-

We offer you horse riding in Yonaguni, westernmost island in Japan.

Our ponies are all native pony, Yonaguni Pony.

They are called 'Yonaguni Uma' in Japanese,

or "CHIMA-NMA" in local language.

In summer time, you can play with them in beautiful Okinawan blue water. This can be the most fantastic experience of your Okinawa journey.


Yonaguni Pony is very small.

For their welfare, rider must be under 70kg.

And all horse riding activities need a booking.

Please remind it, thank you!


1:Pony Ride

★30min / ¥5000★


This is the most popular menu for all.

Including presentation of Yonaguni Pony, petting time and pony ride in our farm.

2:Mini Trekking

★60min / ¥10000★


If you want to go outside of the farm, choose this one!

Staff is always beside you, so beginner can enjoy horse trekking with wonderful view.

There is a long version of trekking, it takes ¥15000 for 90min ride.

3:Pony Ride in the Sea

★60min / ¥10000★


Special menu from May to September.

We call this menu UMI UMA - ASOBI. (UMI=sea, UMA=horse, ASOBI=play)

You can enjoy the Okinawan blue water with Yonaguni Pony.

Petting them, riding in the water and be dragged by just holding their tail!

We offer one pony for 2 people, so you can share pony by riding and being dragged.


Taking this activity, you will get wet. So you must bring wettable cloth (ex Tshirts & swimming pants, Tshirts & rash guard etc).

Also bring your marine shoes. If you don't have it, let us know your shoe size, we prepare it for you.


This program take place at Nama beach in Kubura.

Attention there is no shower room in the beach!

4:Mini Trekking & Pony ride in the Sea

★120min / ¥20000★


Super menu only 2 people for a day!!

Starting with trekking in the beautiful scenery, then we take you to the beach and get into the water!!

Fixed schedule: 9:30 to 11:30 only

5:Have fun without riding



There is no need to hop on the pony to get know them.

We can arrange the menu only for you.


For example, to pet them as much as you like, to brush and feed them. 

Or you take pony to the fresh grass field and watch them eating, listening to the sound of happiness.

6:Trekking for experienced rider

★A: 1hour 30min course  / ¥15000★

★B: 2hour course /  ¥20000★

★C: 2hour 30min course /  ¥25000★


Only for experienced rider and maximum 2people can join together at the same time.

If you choose more than 2hour course, we can take you to the beach through peaceful path!!

We offer trekking menu from October to April.